Starry Sea Square in DalianDalian is located at the Liaodong Peninsular in northeast China and borders the Yellow Sea in the east and the Bohai Sea in the west. As one of the most famous travel destinations in Liaoning Province, Dalian covers a total area of 13,237 square kilometers and has a population of 5.55 million. Dalian's coastline stretches 1,906 kilometers and it makes up about 73 percent of the total coastline of Liaoning Province whereby most of the tourist attractions in Dalian are found in this area. Tourists coming to this part of China will really appreciate the scenic beauty that can be seen here in Dalian. This city is also sometimes known as Dalny, Dairen, Lushun or Luda. One area which is off limits to tourists is Photo: Starry Sea Square       the military base at Lushun.


Tiger Beach Sea Park in DalianThe largest harbor in the northeast part of China is found here in Dalian which is also one of the most prosperous cities in China. Crisscrossed by old and beautifully designed trams, Dalian is a city with unique architecture filled with vast acres of grass and lawns and visitors who come here are attracted by its parklands, beaches and       Photo: Tiger Beach Sea Park in Dalian

health resorts. In the warm temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere, Dalian has a warm continental monsoonal climate. It is neither cold in winter nor hot in summer. For visitors who want to just relax by the beach and get a beautiful sun tan, then Dalian would be your perfect travel destination since the weather here is much better and warmer than any other places in Liaoning Province. There are numerous places of interest in Dalian that are scenic wonders and some very beautiful beach areas with astonishing coves and unique rock formations are located here.


Golden Stone Beach in DalianDalian has since become a famous seaside tourism city and a summer resort mainly due to its islets which is scattered all over like stars, picturesque scenery, beautiful buildings in the city and fascinating night scene. Some of Dalian's places of interest include the beautiful Zhongshan Square, People's Square (also known as People's Park), Labour Park (Laodong Gongyuan), Bangchui Island Scenic Zone, Bingyu Scenic Zone, Starry Sea Square, Tiger Beach Photo: Golden Stone Beach        Sea Park, Natural History Museum and Golden Stone Beach (Jin Shi Tan) National Holiday Resort. All you need to know about the transportation system, cheap hotels or luxury hotels, recreation, restaurants, shopping, travel information, useful telephone numbers and famous places of interest in Dalian can be found from the travel guide below.





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