A good place to rejuvenate your tired body is at Araya Totoan in the city of Kaga. This city was developed by the Maeda family and is a famous tourist area with amazing temples and hot springs. If you looking for a great natural spring bathing, then look no further. The idea of stepping across a footbridge to sip sake in a villa that once served as a weekend retreat for a member of the Imperial family is something that you would not want to miss. Before entering, you must slowly bow beneath a fabric noren curtain to enter the long corridor which is gently lit with beautiful paper lanterns. Arisugawa-Sanso, the former Imperial families' house located in the woods, is now a charming candlelit bar perfect for a weekend get-away. This is one of the best traditional ryokan in Japan.


Natural spring bathing at Araya Totoan in Yamashiro, JapanThe serene Araya Totoan was first set up by Genemon Araya who was the caretaker of the thermal waters of Yamashiro for the Lord Maeda clan in the mid-1600s. Presently, Takayuki Nagai is in charge of the role. If you ever witness the waters here, you will find out why the waters here in the Kaga area of Ishikawa Perfecture is favored by the nobility. These thermal waters are remarkable for their soft touch and their soothing nature. Onsen tamago which are eggs boiled in these waters has since become a national delicacy. Visitors coming here for a great spa bathing will never be disappointed. Seen here at Araya Totoan are two communal hot spring baths in nature and another two communal indoor onsen. There are twenty rooms here which are all equipped with private bathrooms and private hot spring baths are found in five of the rooms. The Ochin-no-Ma room with its    Photo: Araya Totoan in Kaga

trademark Kaga red walls and Sukiya design is an example of the refined living spaces at this onsen resort.


The Kaga Onsen area which includes Yamashiro Onsen as well as Yamanaka Onsen and Awazu Onsen, is well known for its production of colorful kutani-yaki pottery. The works of one of Japan's famous potter, Rosanjin Kitaoji, are showcased in the lobby of Araya Totoan. Besides an incredible spa experience, tourists will be impressed by the presentation of cuisine at the Araya Totoan since most of the food here are served on the famous kutani-yaki plates and the hushed intimacy of the rooms here simply add to you staying pleasure.


Located at : Yamashiro Onsen,


Ishikawa-ken 922-0242,


Telephone : 81 (0)761 77 0010






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