The best place to obtain an astonishing view of the countryside and the beautiful seas around Penang and Langkawi is from Gunung Jerai, which is also called the Kedah Peak and regarded as a sacred mountain during the ancient Hindu period. Gunung Jerai is located on the southern part of the capital city of Kedah on the main trunk road leading to Sungai Petani and Butterworth. Visitors can escape from the hustle and bustle of the stressful city life and enjoy a relatively quiet time at the Gunung Jerai Resort. This is also the best place to take some time off work. This place of interest is a forest-clad limestone outcrop and it is more than one thousand meters above sea level. Because of its height, this place has become an important landmark for sailors and stands proudly dominating the surrounding flat plains.


Good camping spots can be found at the base of the hill called the Sungai Teroi Forest Park. To get to the top of the hill, visitors can use the thirteen kilometers winding road that leads up to the peak from the park or choose the more tedious path using a well-used trail. Located less than three kilometers beyond the park is a 6th century Hindu shrine known as Candi Telaga Sembilan. Tourists will also benefit from a visit to the nearby Forestry Museum which allows them to learn more about the local trees and the wood related products made from the woods found in this area. To cool off after a hot afternoon, there is a forest trail that takes you to a scenic waterfall and some good bathing pools.




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