Arch At The Portuguese Settlement

                                Photo: Arch at the Portuguese settlement


Portuguese Square, also known as Medan Portugis, is an amazing tourist attraction in Melaka whereby it was built in the late 1980s and this place was designed after a typical Portuguese mercado. A French missionary in the 1920s was the first person to suggest the idea of the settlement to the British colonial government but the project was not completed until much later in the future. Perhaps the right phase to infer strong affinity to Portugal would be calling this place 'Mini Lisbon'.


Located within the Portuguese Settlement, the square is the culmination of Portuguese culture in its full splendor and colors where descendants of the Portuguese and Malay intermarriages hundreds of years ago and subsequently preserve their own culture and lifestyle. The square is being surrounded by a typical Portuguese fishing village seen only in Melaka. It is also a historical area in Malacca and it is being preserved under the heritage list. Tourists coming here will have the opportunity to savor traditional Portuguese food and also witness the colorful cultural dances by the Eurasian community here.




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