Located just off the Selangor coastline, Carey Island or Pulau Carey is well-known for the unique Orang Asli or aboriginal community known as the Mah Meri. The Mah Meri have assimilated into modern life with jobs in the nearby plantations and farms but they retain their unique culture and way of life in which they are well known for their craftsmanship which are the main reason that draws tourists to this place of interest in Selangor.


Apart from exhibitions of their traditional dance and music, the Mah Meri are particularly known for their sculptures which is made from a kind of swamp hardwood known as 'Nyireh Batu' and their wood carvings made from mangrove wood will definitely make good gift items to relatives and friends since they are considered collector's item. Pion anak Bumbun is one of the most famous Mah Meri woodcarver in Malaysia. Legend has it that these wood carvings, gleaming in deep red which shows strange creatures, were once used by traditional medicine men to ward off evil spirits that are making people sick.





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