The heritage town of Taal in the Southern Tagalog province of Batangas features the largest church in the Far East, the Ionic-columned, Gothic-designed Basilica of Saint Martin of Tours and the  famous volcanic crater Taal Lake as its main tourists attractions. Batangas is also the port for the beach resorts at Puerto Galera on Mindoro and it is located in the southern section of Luzon.


In the southeast area of Batangas is the resort village of Anilao in Mabini town, the nearest scuba diving centre to Manila. Anilao has outstanding corals and reef life with one of the highest diversity of small marine creatures and is also a jump-off point for island-hopping expeditions. Anilao is definitely one of the top ten dive sites in Philippines and accommodation is easily available since there a few dive resorts located here.




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