A short ferry trip from Cebu City will take you to the island of Bohol. The famous Chocolate Hills here are strangely rounded and look rather like chocolate drops when the vegetation turns brown in the dry season and this place is one of the most popular attractions among tourists. They are about 60 kilometers northeast of Tagbilaran, the main town. Bohol is an easy going, quiet sort of place with some fine beaches, relatively untouched forests and interesting old churches. This place is also known for its bright purple colored potato called ubi that gives halo-halo deserts its color and flavor.


Some superb diving areas are found here in Bohol. Two of the top ten dive sites are located here. Balicasag Island, just 10 km southwest of Panglao Island, is a microcosm of all that is great in Philippine diving.  Cabilao Island, 30 km northwest of Tagbilaran, has excellent diving and snorkeling spots and is particularly noted for sightings of Hammerhead sharks in its deep waters. 


Pamilacan is a beautiful little island, 20 km southeast, unlike Balicasag Island and Cabilao Island, it gets very few visitors and for those who visits here get the rare opportunity to sight both dolphins and whales which swim freely in the waters nearby.




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