Chinese 2010 Calendar Snake Forecast And Predictions For Tiger Year 2010

The year of the tiger holds a very promising year ahead for the snake. Under the Chinese astrology 12 animals sign, the year you are born in will give you your Chinese zodiac sign and it is based on this Chinese horoscope readings and signs that will determine the annual 2010 predictions for the snakes. The year of birth will showcase a particular phase in the Chinese 60-year cycle of time which could be classified under 3 different systems that are made up of the 10 heavenly stems, the 12 earthly branches and the 12 zodiac animals.

What is the yearly prediction for snake in 2010? What is the snake 2010 forecast? What does the metal tiger year holds for the snake zodiac sign under the Chinese Astrology 2010 guide? Common questions when checking fung shui or feng shui in your life include will there be a good year for snakes at the workplace and will there be any romance for the snakes in the 2010 tiger year? What is the annual outlook for snake in 2010? What is the monthly outlook for this Chinese animal sign?

How to check for your Chinese animal sign? Is there a year chart for the 12 animals Chinese zodiac so that you can easily determine your animal sign? Use this Year of the Snake birth chart. The years which include 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989 and 2001 will inform you that you are a snake by birth under the horoscope of the Chinese. The yearly outlook for snake in metal tiger year 2010 shows that snake will have a good 2010. One auspicious star in the snake’s Life Palace will knock out the negative effects of a few small unlucky stars that will provide some challenges to the snake as forecast by the 2010 Chinese astrology signs which is based on the traditional astronomy and calendars. Since the snake is known to be good mediator and cunning, snake can easily slither and twist away from all the minor problems coming its way. With a great star in its path, snake can get a fruitful tiger year.

All the good fortunes for snake in 2010 will be due to the existence of the Moon / Great Yin Star. The snake office fung shui or feng shui in 2010 will shine very bright as your career and business will flourish with the snake getting a lot of assistance from female Noble People. The star will shine even brighter if you are in female related business. So, what are the types of business that are good for snake in tiger year? Go into cosmetics industry, slimming and treatment centres, facial centres, salons and fashion industry. If you are employed, then your female boss will give you plenty of help for you to progress and be promoted. Because of the Chinese astrology 2010 star, the troubles faced by snake will be smoothed over by the help you will receive during the whole metal 2010 tiger year. One of the greater positive stars found in the Chinese astrological system is the Moon / Great Yin Star.

What are the wealth forecasts for snake in 2010? Are there any fortune and any chances to make money in 2010 for this Chinese zodiac sign? The Moon / Great Yin Star is also a money making star that will bring good luck, more money and excellent fortunes for snake in the Chinese tiger year. Snake will see avenues to make money where others will not be able to do so in tiger year 2010. Making money may seem easier this time round and if you plan your financial undertakings carefully, the rewards will be there for you to enjoy come end of the tiger year. As with all other zodiac creatures in the Chinese 2010 calendar, there will be some inauspicious stars to watch out for in 2010 for the snake. One dangerous star in 2010 Chinese astrology outlook for snake is the Piercing Rope Star. Snake are advised not to be too aggressive when pursuing wealth. Try not to make new enemies in your chase for money. Make your riches wisely. The 2010 forecasts in the tiger year for snake under this unlucky star also indicate that you must avoid arguments and gossip.

The snake 2010 horoscope in the Chinese astrological sign indicate the presence of Hook Spirit Star which give rise to feelings of uncertainty and vagueness in its relationships and career prospect. Snake might face some problems with family members which are caused by the Triple Punishment Star. Imprecision may rule the day. At times, the Solitary Star will make the snake to feel sad and lonely. There are times when snake will feel helpless which will surely lead to a lot of indecisive moments in its life. All of these minor challenges will be overcome by the snake. The snake should regard all of these moments as life lessons and use these experiences to move forward with greater belief and strength for the rest of the year.

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