Goat 2010 Feng Shui In Tiger Year : Career, Health, Love And Wealth

Is goat your Chinese zodiac animal sign? What is the astrology luck for goat in metal tiger year 2010? Will the goats be having good feng shui in 2010? A feng shui chart 2010 will unlock the energy pattern for you in 2010 and will forecast your feng shui and to ensure a safe, secure and lucky year for you and your family in the Year of the Tiger. Better conditions are heading the goat’s way. 2010 will be even a better year for the goat when you welcome the Wealth God to your home in tiger year.

To determine your Chinese animal sign under the Chinese calendar, you will be called a goat if you are born in 1919, 1931, 1943 and 1955. What are the other goat years in the Chinese zodiac? You will be a goat if you are born in 1967. Those born in 1979 and 1991 too will be known as goats. 2003 birth year is another Year of the Goat person. So, what are the 2010 feng shui predictions for goat in the tiger 2010 year? The 2010 outlook for goat is very promising. There are a few lucky stars to guide you through the Year of the Tiger and you will not face many problems in 2010. The main lucky charm for goat in 2010 is an auspicious star called Monthly Virtue Star which will allow you to seek help and get assistance from Noble People. This great star will make the negative effects from unlucky stars to become positive and this will make your Year of the Tiger 2010 great. The overall feng shui forecasts in tiger year 2010 are magnificent.

What does the feng shui charts and astrological forces hold in store for the goats in tiger year 2010? Get your individualized astrology 2010 predictions for goat with suggestions for activators and antidotes to maximize good luck and good fortune in the Year of the Tiger here. Goat can look forward to many happy moments in 2010 metal tiger year. The joyous occasions are brought about by the presence of the Sky Happiness Star. Love is in the air for goat in tiger year predictions 2010. Single goats will find love and this relationship will blossom and you might end up getting married. New additions to the family are expected for married couples. This lucky star shining on the goat in 2010 will allow student goats to perform better in exams by increasing their learning abilities. You will tend to pay more attention in class and have a better understanding of the teachings by teachers.

What is the career forecast for goat in tiger year? How will goat perform in the office? Is there a pay rise coming or is there a promotion around the corner in tiger 2010 year? Thing are looking to get better at the workplace. The Pulling Saddle Star tends to forecast a change in job. A career change might be more positive to suit your interests. Changes in the working place might be good but there could be some hidden risks. If you can properly counter these unnecessary risks, then it would be fantastic or else the new environment could turn out to be not so good towards the end. Good feng shui tips, feng shui charts and feng shui tables will help to make 2010 a better year for the goat in the Year of the Metal Tiger. Goat can look forward to 2010 with predictions of fortunate luck at work and in business, love and health.

Metal tiger seems to favor the goats in 2010. However, some of the inauspicious stars to beware include the Yellow Flag Star which might bring physical health problems or injuries. There are more chances of getting injured due to the existence of this unlucky star in tiger year for goats. The accidents might be caused by metal-based objects or goats might find themselves involved in road accidents. Is there a feng shui remedy for goats to overcome these mishaps? To drive carefully would be a great way to escape from these unlucky predictions for goats. A loss of wealth is predicted for goats in 2010. The Lesser Consumer Star denotes that money can escape from your grapes easily. Do not be too eager to join into any new business ventures in 2010. Try not to lend money to unfamiliar people as the risk of not returning you the money is great. Tiger year is not a good year for goats to chase new money or seek to increase their fortunes but always remember that there will be Noble People to help you out. Try to wear some symbols of prosperity to overcome this negative feature in tiger year.

Male elders in the family might fall ill or unwell due to the Death Charm Star. This 2010 tiger year states that this zodiac Chinese animal must watch out for their health. Should there be a hint of trouble, get an immediate check up with your local doctor or get an expert opinion. This is the best feng shui cure for goat to overcome the negative stars in 2010. Besides using the Chinese astrology to predict the fortune of goat in 2010 tiger year, you may also want to check out the hundred year calendar, personal direction tables, period 7 and 8 charts, lucky sectors chart, kua numbers, 24 mountains and 8 aspirations charts to improve your goat 2010 feng shui. A good feng shui almanac 2010 will tend to increase your fortunes by selecting auspicious dates and times for arranging important events in your life.

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