What Is An Oven Thermometer?

What is an oven thermometer? What are the different types of oven thermometer? How do you use an oven thermometer? Oven thermometer is an important cooking utensil when you cook your food using the oven. There are many types of oven thermometers that can help you to cook the perfect food. You can buy the oven thermometer that comes with a timer or use an oven thermometer with a 45mm dial. There is also the horizontal oven thermometer or the oven thermometer with a 55mm dial. Microwave thermometer and mini poultry thermometer are also popular types of oven thermometers.

ETI, a major British thermometer manufacturer, produces some of better types of oven thermometers that are presently found in the market. A good oven thermometer with timer comes with a kitchen clock, countdown timer and a reliable thermometer which can show both the actual and the alarm temperature over the range of 0C to 300C and can also show simultaneously the countdown or the actual time. This kitchen thermometer has an audible high alarm that can be set from the easy to use seven-button keypad. A stainless steel oven thermometer that has a 45mm dial usually comes with color-coded zones whereby the green marker point to the minimum temperature that commercial heated display units should be kept at. This type of oven thermometer will have a temperature range of 50C to 300C in 10C divisions. This useful oven thermometer can be free-standing or hung from a shelf and should be positioned in the middle of the oven for the most accurate temperature reading.

What are the famous types of oven thermometers? A very popular type of oven thermometer is the horizontal oven thermometer which is actually a stainless steel, spirit-filled, oven thermometer that can indicate temperature over the range of ambient to 275C in 10C increments. What is a microwave thermometer? A microwave thermometer is an easy to use type of oven thermometer. A microwave thermometer is kept in a high impact plastic case and has a temperature range of 30C to 110C. How do you use this oven thermometer? The microwave thermometer is supplied with a plastic skewer for insertion into food before placing the thermometer in the space provided. What is the correct way to use oven thermometer? The correct way to use a mini poultry thermometer is to insert the oven thermometer into the thickest part of the chicken or turkey before putting the poultry into the oven. The chicken or turkey will be cooked when the dial reaches the green area. This type of oven thermometer usually comes with a 20mm dial with a 55mm stainless steel probe.

I have also used a Faringdon oven thermometer before and I definitely find this oven thermometer to be good valued. What are the cheap oven thermometers? One oven thermometer that comes highly recommended by a friend is the Salter 503Orsscr gourmet oven thermometer with silicone grips which comes with a quality stainless steel body and has an easy to read bold display. The CDN high heat oven thermometer is preferred by chefs because it has a large 2 1/4 inch dial with a red indicator needle that provides useful cooking zones and comes with a wide base and integrated hook that allows this temperature measuring equipment to be placed anywhere in the oven. The connoisseur oven thermometer by Taylor is calibrated with pinpoint accuracy to provide excellence results and can measure oven temperatures from 150F to 600F. I was also given a Maverick roast alert oven roasting thermometer as a Christmas gift and I find this oven thermometer to be very good because it is easy to program due its multiple settings for doneness of meat.

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