Facts About Paul the Octopus And Octopus Paulís final predictions In The 2010 World Cup

What are the top 5 things you need to know about Paul the Octopus? All you need to know about Paul the Octopus can be found here. Paul the Octopus has become very famous after his six out of six accurate predictions for the 2010 World Cup football finals for matches involving Germany. People are now asking more questions and seeking more answers about Paul the Octopus. What will Paulís predictions be for the World Cup final? Will Paul the Octopus predict the correct winner for the 2010 World Cup final? What are the important facts about Paul the Octopus? What are the things to know about Paul the Octopus?

How does Paul the Octopus predict the winner? Paul predicts the 2010 World Cup results by opening one of the two flag-covered plastic food containers in his tank. Popular questions about Paul the Octopus include How old is Paul the Octopus?, What does Paul the Octopus eat?, What color is Paul the Octopus? What is Paulís favorite food? And When and What year is Paul the Octopus born?

So, where did Paul the Octopus come from? Where was Paul the Octopus born? Paul the Octopus is originally from Weymouth in England and now Paul the Octopus lives at the Aquarium Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen in Germany. This is the reason why Paul the Octopus only forecasts the World Cup matches involving Germany. Paul the Octopus was transferred from Sea Life Park in Weymouth to Germany in 2006. I bet this is one thing that you did not know about Paul the Octopus who is now the most famous psychic octopus in the world. Did you know that ĎPulpoí is the Spanish word for octopus?

Guess what? Paul the Octopus has now been threatened. Paulís life is now in danger. Supporters of Germany are very angry with Paul for his predictions that Germany will lose the World Cup semifinals to Spain. Paul has so far got a 100% correct predictions in the 2010 World Cup results. Paul the Octopus is unfazed by a series of death threats sent by Argentinian supporters who blame Paul the Octopus for their 2010 World Cup exit. Enemies of Paul are starting to appear in Facebook and Twitter but at the same time, Paul too has gained many supporters with his correct World Cup predictions and forecasts in 2010.

Paul the Octopus has now become very famous in Germany whereby German news channel such as NTV has started to broadcast his World Cup predictions live. There are now reporters being stationed next to Paulís tank to bring viewers of all the latest happenings with respect to Paul. Paulís amazing predictions in the 2010 World Cup has been very accurate and this incident has put this Germany city of Oberhausen on the map. Visitors from all across Europe are going to Oberhausen to catch a view of Paul the genius football predictor.

When did Paul the Octopus started to predict football matches? Paul the Octopus started to predict Germany's football results during the Euro 2008 tournament and he managed to correctly choose the winner in 4 out of 6 Germany's six matches. Paul predicted Germany to will all their games but the Germans lost to Croatia and Spain in the final of the Euro 2008 competition. How much money can you make from Paulís winning predictions? If you bet 1 pound in a 1 pound accumulator bet on all the five results predicted by Paul the Octopus, you would have won an astonishing 131 pounds. What makes Paul so smart? It is a well known fact that all octopuses are highly intelligent animals and are known to possess a strong short and long-term memory. So, what will be Paulís predictions between Germany and Uruguay in the third and fourth placing match in the 2010 World Cup?

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