Best 2010 AirAsia Promotions – AirAsia Latest Deals In 2010

Get your 2010 savings with AirAsia in 2010. AirAsia has just come out with the best airticket deals in 2010 by offering amazing savings on plane tickets and discounts on airtickets. The special 2010 AirAsia promotions and deals will allow you to save money by allowing you to fly for as low as RM50 to famous AirAsia tourist destinations.

The latest 2010 airtickets deals by AirAsia is called the ‘Just for Two’ deals. This 2010 AirAsia airtickets cheap deals give you the chance to buy special cheap AirAsia flights for two guests as part of the new features found in the newly introduced AirAsia's reservation system. By choosing AirAsia, two passengers will only have to pay RM100 in order to travel on international flights while if you are traveling on domestic flights, you will only have to pay half that amount, both for one-way only. From as low as RM50, AirAsia gives you the chance to travel to famous travel destinations in Malaysia.

When do you need to book your AirAsia tickets to qualify for this 2010 promotions by AirAsia? When is the last date to reserve your cheap AirAsia flights in order to enjoy savings on this AirAsia flight tickets deals? How to book for these cheap AirAsia tickets in 2010? You can book your special deals on AirAsia plane tickets from the 19th July 2010 to 25th July 2010 through online reservations to enjoy this huge savings.

When is the traveling time for this 2010 ‘Just for Two’ promotions? The travel time for this 2010 AirAsia cheap tickets deal is from the 2nd August 2010 to 15th November 2010. There is also the Early Bird Promotion 2010 AirAsia deals for travel in 2011 when you reserve your AirAsia cheap flights between 19th July 2010 to 25th July 2010 and you can then travel cheaply from 14th February 2011 to 8th May 2011. Booking your AirAsia airtickets early will allow you more savings and give you more money to spend at your favorite tourist destinations in Asia.

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