Pasar Ramadan In Jakarta, Indonesia

What is a pasar Ramadan? Pasar Ramadan or Ramadan bazaar are local food markets which are open during fasting month for Muslims. During the Ramadan period, you can see lots of pasar Ramadan or bazaar Ramadan across Jakarta in Indonesia. Where can you find famous bazaar Ramadan in Jakarta? Where is the best pasar Ramadan in Jakarta? Where is the best place to iftar or buka puasa (break fast) in Jakarta? The pasar Ramadan in Indonesia is quite similar to the Ramadan bazzar in Malaysia.

One of the top pasar Ramadan in Central Jakarta is at the Bendungan Hilir food market. This bazaar Ramadan in Central Jakarta is filled with Muslims who come here to break fast because there are countless stalls in this pasar Ramadan selling delicious Ramadan cuisine during the Ramadan season. This famous pasar Ramadan will sell various Malay food for iftar such as date and special Indonesian food and drink such as kolak, cendol and dawet. Tourists must definitely eat the jackfruit kolak which is one of the most popular iftar desserts in Indonesia during Ramadan.

Most of the major shopping complexes and shopping centers in Jakarta will showcase a series of events to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan and welcome Idul Fitri. Top attractions seen at Jakarta’s departmental stores include having mega sales, food bazaars and Islamic performances such as bedug (traditional drum) parades, marawis (percussion groups) and nasyid (religious songs).

Kelapa Gading Mall in North Jakarta will have late night shopping event while the La Piazza shopping mall will showcase exotic Arabian delicacies at the Arabian Nights Foodfest, combining Arabian delights with Arabian ambiance and performances. There will also be many food stalls as seen in the pasar Ramadan. The Grand Indonesia Shopping Town in Central Jakarta will organized fashion shows and traditional dancing and Islamic musical performances during the ‘Ramadan Rhapsody’ event.

A grand bazaar Ramadan can be seen at the Ciputra Mall in West Jakarta. Not only there will be stalls selling authentic Malay dishes to buka puasa, there are also bargains and promotions selling special clothes for Idul Fitri which is known as Lebaran.

Some of the more common food sold in most Ramadan bazaar include various types of kue, drinks and traditional lauk. In Jakarta, one of the best pasar Ramadan in Jakarta is at the grounds of Pondok Indah mosque. The bazaar Ramadan Benhil in Jakarta is another good place to buka puasa in Jakarta. Famous Malay dishes sold at this Ramadan bazaar in Jakarta include gulai kakap, ikan bilih, ikan bakar, lemang, lumpia and telur balado. If you in Jakarta for vacations during the Ramadan holy month, make sure you visit one of the many pasar Ramadan in Jakarta and make sure you try out the different Malay delicacies.

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