Dragon Personality For A Better 2011 Rabbit Year

How can the Year of the Dragon person have a better 2011 Year of the Rabbit? Can the Dragon change their their feng shui in 2011 to make it better? Will the Dragonís personality help this Chinese zodiac sign animal to obtain a wealthier and healthier metal rabbit year? What do the Dragon 2011 Chinese horoscope predictions tell us about the fortune of the Dragon in the rabbit year? According to the 2011 Chinese astrology signs forecast, the Dragon are born under the sign of luck and good things are just waiting for them in 2011.

The Dragon are known to have a tremendous amount of self confidence and are known to be very lively characters. The 2011 Year of the Rabbit will most likely be a good year for the Dragon because the Dragon are very ambitious and determined. These personalities of the Dragon will allow them to achieve success in the things that they do. The Dragon are also known to be perfectionist and will always try to maintain the high standards that they set for themselves. One of the negative aspects that could work against the Dragon in 2011 is that they are usually quick to criticize anyone or anything that displeases them. The Dragon can be very blunt at times and are not renowned for being diplomatic.

The 2011 Dragon horoscope forecasts that the Dragon will achieve success in the metal rabbit year because the Dragon are prepared to work long and unsocial hours in order to achieve what they want. A good tip for the Dragon in 2011 is that they must not be over-confident as this may bring unnecessary problems but the Dragon have the ability to bounce back and pick up the pieces very fast.

What zodiac signs are compatible with the Dragon in 2011 when they are searching for soul mates? The Dragon will get along well with those who are born under the zodiac signs of the Monkey, Rat, Rooster and Snake. The Dragon are advised to stay away from the Dog and Ox because these zodiac animals cannot tolerate their impulsive manner. Learn more about the
Chinese horoscope for Ox in 2011 rabbit year here.

The Fire Dragon who will have a birth date between the 3rd February 1916 to 22nd January 1917 or between the 31st January 1976 to 17th February 1977 are likely to succeed in the 2011 metal rabbit year because they have a tremendous desire to succeed. At the office, they are considered leadership qualities by their superiors but one thing that may prevent them from climbing up to a higher position in the office is that they do not take into account the views of others and may make new enemies because of this attitude.

The Earth Dragon tend to be the more quiet type of Dragon and usually have a wide variety of interests. They are known to have clear objectives and will usually have full support for their ventures. This Dragon element will be born between 23rd January 1928 to 9th February 1929 or between 17th February 1988 to 5th February 1989. 2011 will be a good time to make more money as the Earth Dragon are very astute in money matters.

The Metal Dragon who are born between 8th February 1940 to 26th January 1941 or between 5th February 2000 to 23rd January 2001 are very strong willed people and have a very forceful personality. The Metal Dragon are very ambitious and are usually scrupulous when dealing with others and this may be of the reason that may allow them to gain the upper hand in business matters.

The Water Dragon who are born between 27th January 1952 to 13th February 1953 will not see a smooth flowing rabbit year because they have a tendency to jump from one thing to another rather than to concentrate on their immediate task. However, the Water Dragon are quick-witted and rarely let opportunities slip by. The Water Dragon can be patience when they are required to do and will not rush into things.

Another element of the Dragon are the Wood Dragon who are born between 13th February 1964 to 1st February 1965. The Wood Dragon are practical and also a thinker and have the drive and commitment to put many of their ideas into practice. The Wood Dragon will see an increase of their wealth in the 2011 Year of the Rabbit because they are known to be very a good judgment when carrying out business.

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