Goat Astrological Predictions In 2011 Rabbit Year

The Goat astrological predictions in 2011 rabbit year indicate brighter prospects for the Goat in the Year of the Rabbit. The 2011 Goat horoscope predictions tell us that the 2011 metal rabbit year will be much positive period for those with the Chinese Goat zodiac sign. The fortune for the Goat will greatly improve in the rabbit year 2011 as the Goat will have a much improved feng shui in 2011. The wealth, career and health stars of the Goat will be shining much brighter and bring many pleasing developments in 2011 for the Goat.

The Goat must make the most of the opportunities that are coming their way in this metal rabbit year. The 2011 career star looks very promising for the Goat in the rabbit year. The Goat will benefit a great deal from the support and goodwill of others and a good tip in 2011 for a positive outlook for the Goat is that it would be worth discussing their options with those who are able to advise them. The relationship star for the Goat will be good as it will allow them to widen their social circle and make some good friends. The Goat will have some the busiest social activities during the months of February, April, July and September. Positive developments in the career of the Goat can be seen during the months of March, May, October and November. The 2011 Chinese Goat astrology predictions indicate that as long as the Goat take the initiative in the rabbit year, they will receive many rewards in 2011.

The 1919 Earth Goat or 1979 Earth Goat will have some important developments in some parts of their lives. The Goat 2011 Chinese astrology forecasts an addition to the family or they will become parents in the rabbit year. The Earth Goat will also have some urge to do some renovations to their house. Where relationships are concerned, February, April, July and September will give the Earth Goat some interesting social activities. The 2011 horoscope readings for the Earth Goat predict major success for those whose work is in any way expressive. There will be some rise in income due to promotions at work. The Earth Goat must not miss out on chances to develop their skills in the Year of the Rabbit.

The Metal Goat who are born in 1931 or 1991 will have the added determination to succeed in 2011 due to the presence of the element of Metal in this zodiac sign. There will be many personal successes for the Metal Goat in 2011 as the Year of the Rabbit marks the start of a new decade in their life and the 2011 will bring them a hectic social life, new friendships and romance. A good tip for a better 2011 Goat outlook is to keep your lifestyle in balance. Those who are born in the 1931 Year of the Goat must pay more attention to their health.

The 2011 feng shui for the 1943 Water Goat and 2003 Water Goat will be much pleasing and 2011 will also be a much more settled year for the Water Goat. The Water element in the Goat will make them more effective communicator and at the same time they also possessed great imagination. The metal rabbit year will allow them to explore their ideas and will allow them to enjoy their creative interests. The Water Goat will have some wealth luck in 2011. The observant nature of the Water Goat will allow them to spot good bargains.

The Wood Goat who have 1955 as their birthyear will see a change of fortunes in the Year of the Rabbit as it will be a more encouraging and hopeful period for the Wood Goat. To have a successful rabbit year as predicted by the 2011 Goat Chinese horoscope, the Wood Goat must concentrate on the present and act in a determined way. The Wood Goat will see their career heading towards a more specialist area and they will need to adjust to a new environment. There will be some welcomed developments in their career during March, May, October and November. The wealth feng shui in 2011 for the Wood Goat is excellent as there may be some additional funds and bonuses. There will be some travel opportunities in 2011 and a change of scene will do them some good. Click here for a
complete travel guide to Asia if you are planning a vacation to Asia. The 2011 rabbit year is a good time to enjoy your interests and value your relations with others.

If you are born in the 1967 Year of the Goat, then your Chinese zodiac sign will be the Fire Goat. You will see some hopes being realized in the metal rabbit year and events will be finally turning the way of the Fire Goat. The career star is extremely bright for the Fire Goat whereby pay rise is to be expected but they still need to manage their finances carefully. They must prevent rush or buying on impulse in the rabbit year. The 2011 Goat fortune will see them accomplishing many things in 2011. Backed by their skills and resourcefulness, the Fire Goat will achieve a lot in the Year of the Metal Rabbit.

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