Canoe / Kayak Beijing Gold Medal Winners 2008 Olympics Games In Beijing

Do you know how many gold medals were awarded in the 2008 Olympics? Well, a total of 16 gold medals was awarded in the canoe / kayak 2008 Olympics out of the 302 gold medals which was competed by 204 nations and territories. The Beijing Olympics also hosted the highest number of athletes in the Olympics history. So, letís check out the 2008 Olympics medal winners in the canoeing and kayaking competition which was divided into the flatwater events and slalom events.

What is the difference between a kayak and canoe race? In the kayak race, the paddler is seated and uses a two blade paddle as oppose to a canoe race, the paddler is on one knee and uses a single blade paddle. We saw some very exciting canoe races as well as kayak races in the Beijing Games. Germany and Hungary are the two powerhouses in flatwater races. 12 golds were up for grabs in the flatwater categories that include the C-1 500m men, C-1 1000m men, C-2 500m men, C-2 1000m men, K-1 500m men, K-1 500m women, K-1 1000m men, K-2 500m men, K-2 500m women, K-2 1000m men, K-4 500m women and K-4 1000m men.

In the Olympic canoe flatwater men's single (C1) 500m event, Maxim Opalevo of Russia took the gold in 1 minute 47.140s which is 1.257s ahead of Spain medal winner David Cal. Lurii Cheban of Ukraine took the bronze in 1:48.766. Despite a slow start, the 29-year-old Russian canoeist is now a famous Russian gold medal winner in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. This is also the only Russian Beijing gold winner in canoeing. In flatwater races, paddlers must race on a straight course with each boat in a separate lane. Attila Sandor Vajda of Hungary is the first to cross the finish line in the menís canoe single (C1) 1000m final with a time of 3:50.467s and the Hungarian medal winner beat the Spanish defending Olympic champion David Cal to second placing while Canadian Olympics medal winner Thomas Hall took the bronze. Attila Sandor Vajda is the one of the two Hungarian Beijing gold medal winners in the canoeing race.

The famous Chinese gold medal winners in this Olympic sport include Meng Guanliang and Yang Wenjun of China in the menís canoe double (C2) 500m final. The famous canoeing pair form China claimed their second straight Olympic gold medal in the canoe double (C2) 500m after their triumphed in the Athens Olympics four years ago. The Chinese gold medalist clocked in 1:41.025s and beating Sergey Ulegin and Alexander Kostoglod of Russia who came in at 1:41.282 while the German 2008 Olympics medal winners Christian Gille and Thomasz Wylenzek took third placing in 1:41.964. This is also the first time the same crew won two consecutive Olympic gold medals in the canoe double (C2) 500m event. The winning Chinese pair felt no extra pressure despite paddling on the home water and became the only Chinese Beijing gold medal winner. Belarusian increased the Belarus Olympics 2008 gold medal tally when Andrei Bahdanovich and Aliaksandr Bahdanovich of Belarus took victory in the menís canoe double (C2) 1000m race by disposing off the defending Olympic champion Germany (Christian Gille and Thomasz Wylenzek) by 0.223s. The Hungary crew of Gyorgy Kozmann and Tomas Kiss came in third. Andrei Bahdanovich and Aliaksandr Bahdanovich is one of two Belarus Beijing gold medal winners in canoeing.

An Australian paddler, Ken Wallace, too joined in the gold medal winners list of the Australia Olympic team by clinching the top spot in the menís kayak single (K1) 500m race with a 0.378s margin. Canadian Adam van Koeverden, who is also the Canadian flagbearer at the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics, came in second while British Tim Brabants became part of the 2008 Olympics British medal winners by claiming a well deserved bronze medal. Ken Wallace is one of the many proud Australian Beijing gold medal winners. Another new country took gold in the 2008 Beijing Olympics canoe / kayak competition. Ukrainian gold medal winner Inna Osypenko-Radomska of Ukraine won the gold in the womenís kayak single (K1) 500m kayaking category. The Ukrainian paddler Inna Osypenko-Radomska clocked in a fast 1:50.673 while Italian silver medal winner, Josefa Idem finished in 1:50.677 and German Katrin Wagner-Augustin clocked in 1:51.022. Hungarian Katalin Kovacs did not make it to the Hungarian medal winners list despite being one of the favorites to win the womenís kayak single (K1) 500m event.

The British gold medal winners for the 2008 Olympics Games include Tim Brabants of Great Britain who won the menís kayak single (K1) 1000m race by defeating Norway's silver medalist Eirik Veraas Larsen Australia's bronze medalist Ken Wallace. Tim Brabants won Britain's first Olympic gold medal in flatwater canoe/kayak races and is also the only British Beijing gold medal winner in the kayaking race. The 2008 Olympics Spanish gold medal winners in the canoe / kayak racing include Saul Craviotto and Carlos Perez who are the champions in the men's kayak double (K2) 500m event. The famous Spanish paddlers led all the way from start to finish and the Germany team (Ronald Rauhe and Tim Wieskotter) could not continue their eight-year dominance in the event by finishing second while the Belarus bronze medalist is made up of Raman Piatrushenka and Vadzim Makhneu. Hungarian medal winners in the 2008 Olympics include the pairing of Katalin Kovacs and Natasa Janic who won the women's kayak double (K2) 500m category at the Shunyi Rowing-Canoeing Park in Beijing. The famous rowers from Germany also took world titles in 2005 and 2006. Coming in for the silver medal was Beata Mikolajczyk and Aneta Konieczna of Poland while Marie Delattre and Anne-Laure Viard of France added a bronze to the Franceís final medal tally in the 2008 Olympic Games. Reigning world champions and favorites Fanny Fischer and Nicole Reinhardt of Germany missed out on a podium finish.

The German crew too joined the German Beijing gold medal winners table in the Beijing 2008 Games when Martin Hollstein and Andreas Ihle of Germany won the menís kayak double (K2) 1000m competition. The top German paddlers cruised in with a time of 3:11.809s while the Danish crew of Kim Wraae Knudsen and Rene Holten Poulsen increased Denmarkís 2008 Olympics medal tally with a time of 3:13.580s which is then followed by the Italians paddlers of Andrea Facchin and Antonio Massimiliano Scaduto who finished in 3:14.750s. Another famous German gold medalist in the Beijing Olympics is the women's kayak four (K4) team from German who won the kayak four (K4) 500m women final. Fanny Fischer, Nicole Reinhardt, Katrin Wagner-Augustin and Conny Wassmuth of Germany are also the defending Olympic champion. The winning German paddlers were followed by the paddling teams from Hungary and Australia. The Hungarian team is made up of Katalin Kovacs, Gabriella Szabo, Danuta Kozak and Natasa Janics. The Australian medal winners are Lisa Oldenhof, Hannah Davis, Chantal Meek and Lyndsie Fogarty. Belarus too joined in the gold medal winners for the Olympic Games in Beijing. Kayak paddlers of Belarus claimed the gold medal in the menís kayak four (K4) 1000m final. The Belarus crew Raman Piatrushenka, Aliaksei Abalmasau, Artur Litvinchuk and Vadzim Makhneu beat Slovakia Richard Riszdorfer, Michal Riszdorfer, Erik Vlcek and Juraj Tarr, and Germany Lutz Altepost, Norman Brockl, Torsten Eckbrett and Bjorn Hogel Goldschmidt to second and third placing respectively.

In the 2008 Slalom canoe / kayak races, which include four events in the canoeing slalom ie the men's K1, C1 and C2, and the women's K1, Slovakia gold medal winners include Elena Kaliska who took the kayak (K1) womenís title. Other Beijing 2008 Olympics medal winners in the slalom women's kayak (K1) singles include Australian Beijing medal winners Jacqueline Lawrence and Austrians medal winners Violetta Oblinger Peters. Slovakia twins Hochschorners, Pavol Hochschorner and Peter Hochschorner, won the gold in the canoe double (C2) menís final at the Beijing Olympic Games canoe/kayak slalom event. Peter Hochschorner and Pavol Hochschorner from Slovakia created Olympics history by becoming the first slalom canoeists to win three Olympic gold medals to extend their years-long dominance in the men's canoe double (C2) race. Czech Beijing Games medal winners include Ondrej Stepanek/Jaroslav who won the silver medal with Mikhail Kuznetsov/Dmitry Larionov of Russian Federation snatching the bronze medal. The Slovakian and German paddlers again showcased the Europeans' domination in the white water canoeing events by taking Olympic canoeing slalom C1 and K1 gold respectively. Michal Martikan of Slovakia regained the C1 title in which he last won in the Atlanta Olympic Games. Claiming the silver and bronze in the men's canoe single (C1) race are British Beijing medal winners David Florence and Australian Beijing medal winners Robin Bell. Alexander Grimm of Germany, Germanyís first gold medal winner, won the men's kayak (K1) competition. Fabien Lefevre of France joined the rest of the French Beijing medal winners by claiming the silver while canoeist Benjamin Boukpeti of Togo grabbed the bronze in the canoeing slalom K1 race.

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