Vietnamese Spring Rolls Recipe

If you come across Vietnamese cookbooks, you will sure find many varieties of Vietnamese spring roll recipes. The two famous types of Vietnamese spring roll recipes are the Vietnamese fried spring rolls recipe and the Vietnamese cold spring roll recipe. Spring rolls are fried pastries that are commonly found in most Vietnamese restaurants. Get your famous Vietnamese appetizers recipes that include fried spring rolls here.

What are the most popular spring roll types in Vietnam? Fried spring roll recipe will give a smaller and crispier type of spring roll which is usually stuffed with minced meat, crab meat and vegetables. The spring roll will be fully wrapped before being deep fried. The cold spring roll recipe will produce a bigger and savory variety of spring roll whereby the spring roll is filled with already cooked ingredients. In Vietnam, spring rolls are known as cha gio which is the common minced pork roll. Locals refer the cold spring roll as Vietnamese salad roll which are usually eaten with famous Vietnamese dipping sauce called nuoc cham. Common ingredients for making a fried spring roll include ground pork, shrimp mixed with chopped shiitake mushrooms and shredded carrots which are then wrapped in a moistened rice paper. How is the fried spring rolls different from the fired spring rolls? Cold spring rolls has ingredients that include slivers of boiled pork, fresh herbs, lettuce and rice vermicelli which are then wrapped in moistened rice paper.

Vietnamese Fried Spring Roll Recipe
(can serve 20 people)

Ingredients :-

Black mushroom 35g
Carrot (chopped) 160g
Cooking oil 200ml
Crab meat 320g
Dry vermicelli 40g
Egg 2
Fish sauce 1 teaspoon
Fresh garlic 1 teaspoon
Fresh lime juice 1 teaspoon
Lettuce leaves 1 sprig
Minced pork 320g
Mint leaves 1 sprig
Onion (minced) 200g
Oyster sauce 1 teaspoon
Rice paper wrappers 35 to 40
Sugar 1/8 teaspoon
White pepper 1/8 teaspoon

Method :-

a. Soak the dry vermicelli and the black mushrooms in warm water for ten minutes.
b. Dry the vermicelli and mushroom and then chopped them into fine mixture.
c. Cook the minced pork, crab meat and egg in a wok with 4 tablespoon of oil.
d. Add onion, carrot, vermicelli, mushroom, sugar, white pepper, fish sauce, oyster sauce, fresh lime juice and garlic and cook the mixture until the vegetables soften.
e. Place a small portion of the mixture onto a piece of the rice paper wrapper.
f. Roll the rice paper wrapper into a roll.
g. Put the roll into the boiling pan of oil and fried the roll until it turns to golden brown.
h. Serve fried spring rolls on lettuce leaves and garnished with mint leaves.

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