It is no open secret that that world we live in nowadays is heavily polluted. The air we breath in is full of contamination and impurities and the water we drink everyday not as clean as we think it is. And our frantic pace of our lives and the stress we have to put up with everyday whether it is at home or at the office can drained us both emotionally and physically. Our irregular eating habits and poor diets too can make our body less healthy. Although prevention is better than cure, but once our body has absorbed the impurities, we have to find ways of getting rid of them. Natural purification process through spa treatment using a seaweed mask or body mask is useful to clean your body of toxins.


Sea salt scrubUsing a sea salt scrub is very good way to start your seaweed mask therapy. To open your pores and increase circulation, take a hot shower for five minutes. Stop showering and start exfoliating your skin using sea salt scrub. Slowly rub the scrub on your skin in circular motions. Once you have finished this process, use warm water to rinse off the salt and dry yourself off.


Then apply the detoxifying seaweed paste on your entire body minus the face to start the detoxification process. You can choose to use a ready mixed seaweed paste or create your own paste by mixing a seaweed powder mixed with hot water. Always apply the paste thinly and evenly. While waiting for the paste to dry, get ready your sheet and blankets for a body wrap. Firstly, lay two heavy blankets and a sheet over the blankets on a bed. Then you should lie on the sheet, wrap the sheet and the blankets around your body.


Relax for half-an-hour which is then followed by a hot water shower. As the dry seaweed softens, rub off the seaweed paste using your hands. One important step to remember here is to drink a lot of water before the body wrap to enable your body to efficiently flush out all the unwanted impurities.



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