The largest province in Tay Nguyen Highlands is Dak Lak (also commonly spelled as Dac Lac) in Central Vietnam. This famous tourist attraction is located at the southeast of the Truong Son Mountain  and shares a 240 kilometers border with Cambodia. The capital city of Dak Lak is Buon Ma Thuot city and it is occupies by ethnic minorities such as Bahnar, E De, Gia Rai, Kinh and M'nong and it is widely known for its coffee plantations and cheap but high quality coffee. Day tours to hill tribes villages too can be arranged travel agents located in the town itself.


Ea Kar lake and  Ea Sup lake are among the many beautiful lakes around Dak Lak. The main tourist attractions are the Buon Ma Thuot Prison, Dak Tua Underground Tunnels  and Bao Dai King's Building. For tourists who are interested to learn more about the ethnic groups living in this region, then a visit to the Ethnographic Museum is a must. Scenic areas suitable for shutterbugs include the Lak Lake, Yok Don National Park and magnificent waterfalls at Gia Long and Dray Nur Falls along Krong Ana River.




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